Builder Case Study: Schaffer's Mill

About the client:

Schaffer’s Mill is a golfing community located in the Lake Tahoe, CA area. With just a few more than 400 homes available on the 475 acres of Schaffer’s Mill, the community continues the commitment to low-density, forest-friendly development chartered by the leaders of Placer County. The community features neighborhoods of custom and semi-custom single-family homes.

What needs did you have with your agent program?

  1. Agents were asking for unbranded marketing materials.
  2. Agents were taking materials from the Schaffer's Mill website to create their own marketing materials and websites about the community. Possible out dated or incorrect information was being publicly distributed.
  3. SM's team was spending time and expense to create the branded marketing materials for agents.

What was the solution did you use?

Agent Shield Digital Brochure with white labeling and agent branding technology.

How has implementing Agent Shield's solution helped you?

It was turnkey and did not require any additional work.

Saved time and money. Agent branded marketing materials are automatically created for the agents.

It improved agent relationships because agents love it! Quote from an agent "This is awesome! Thank you!"