Help your agents make more sales.

Provide your agents with access to new construction real estate.

What is the Broker Enterprise Solution?

Would you like for every agent in your brokerage to have access to new homes?

The Broker Enterprise Solution is designed to provide access to new construction homes to a whole brokerage. 

It simplifies and automates the process while providing a steep volume discount for your agents. x301-989x301.png


Why you should get New Construction Hub for your brokerage.

Increase your agent retention rate.
Provide more value to your agents.
Give your agents a competitive advantage.
Save your agents time.
Save your agents money.
Help your agents make more money.

Retain your agents.

Provide more value to your agents.

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The Broker Solution is only available for select brokerages. Schedule a demo today to see if your brokerage qualifies.