How to easily add new construction to your real estate business.

Before you go through the process of adding new construction, let’s ask the question “why”? Why should Realtors care about new construction? New construction is a hidden secret. Realtors who have figured this out are making a lot of money. New construction accounts for about 16% of homes being sold (NAR 2016). Less than 1% of Realtors are making those sales. Essentially, a handful of Realtors are making all those sales. Imagine how your sales will grow if you tap into the new construction market?

Why do Realtors need new construction on their website? The simple answer is “Don’t lose the sale”. 89% of buyers searched online and visit multiple websites during their buying process (NAR 2016).  The leaders in real estate technology and lead generation are already aware of this fact. The top real estate portals (,, already spent the time and resources to create a dedicated new construction section. If buyers can not find what they are looking for on a website, they will quickly leave and go somewhere else that has what they are looking for. In order to just compete for that sale, you need to have what they are looking for.


How can Realtors add new construction to their website? provides an easy and free way for Realtors to instantly add new construction to their websites. The process is very simple. Click on the “Create Agent Account” button to get started.

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