Increase Realtor participation with a “For Agents” page

Include a page on your website to inform Realtors about your agent program. The components of an effective page should include:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why do they need it?
  3. What does it cost?
  4. How does it work?
  5. How do they get it? Your CTA (Call to Action).

Below is a sample of a “For Agent” pages that we provide to our clients.

Want to create your own? Below is the breakdown with the text from the sample page.

  1. What is it? : Co-Broker Marketing Tool from [insert your company or project name]
  2. Why do you need it? : Real estate agents and Brokers, we want to help you to promote our new homes and communities while giving you 100% control over your clients. The [insert your website URL] website uses a patented technology from Agent Shield to create your own white-labeled version of our website. Our website, your brand.
  3. What does it cost? : Free service for agents & brokers!
  4. How does it work? : How does the white labeling technology work? [add how works graphic]
  5. How do they get it? The CTA : Get started today! To get started, click on the “For Agents” button below. A window will pop up. Sign in or create your FREE account. Insert this code snippet to insert the links For Agent buttons: <div class=”agentshield_links”></div>
    ** Note: You need to be using Agent Shield’s White Labeling service for the “For Agents” buttons to work.

Contact us if you need specific graphics or assistance.